Loan Rules

  • Library card and subscription
      • Identification cards (CEGEP and UQAT) are provided at no charge, and demonstrate proof of subscription to the library; these cards must be produced each time a document is borrowed from the library.
      • Library users who study at UQAT or CEGEP must be registered officially for their subscription to be considered valid, even if they hold a student card not yet expired.
      • Library users are responsible for loans made and recorded in their personal library file; the undertake to pay costs incurred for late returns and damaged or lost documents.
      • External users (except for CREPUQ or TELUQ card holders) are charged $25 per year for a library card.
      • The replacement of a library card is at the user’s expenses.

  • BCI card
    • Through agreements reached between universities, BCI cards allow certain users to borrow documents directly from university libraries in Quebec and Canada.

      • BCI cards are available for UQAT users, CEGEP teachers and CTRI researchers (Centre technologique des résidus industriels).
      • BCI cards are valid for maximum one (1) year, from October 1st to September 30th of the following year, and renewable at the circulation desk.
      • BCI cards are available towards the circulation desk attendant.

  • Loan renewal
      • Loans of documents (unless reserved by another library user) may be renewed.
      • Loans of documents may not be renewed in the following cases:
        -    Late returns;
        -    Another library user has reserved the documents in question;
        -    The library needs to get the documents back to finalize processing.
      • This renewal policy does not apply to documents borrowed through the ILL service.
      • Renewals can be done:
        -    At the circulation desk;
        -    By phone;
        -    Online (except for reserve documents, portable computers and IPAD): users can renew loans recorded in their personal file by accessing their library user file via Outil de découverte.

  • Holds
    • Except for reserve documents, portable computers and IPAD, users can place on hold (no charge) documents borrowed by another user. This can be done:

      • At the circulation desk;
      • Over the phone (contact the library loan service);
      • Online - To reserve documents, users must access their personal library user file via Outil de découverte.
      To place a document on hold, users must know their library access code.

  • Forgotten your password?
      • To remotely change your password, click here, OR
      • Contact the circulation desk (refer to the section For Information at the bottom of this page).

  • Reserve reading materials – Campus users only
      • Documents deposited at the library by teachers for short lending periods, so as to make them accessible to the largest possible number of students.
      • These documents are available on request at the circulation desk.
      • These documents can be borrowed for three (3) or twenty-four (24) hours, depending on the case.

  • Book loans – Duration, maximum number of books and fines
    • Users borrowing documents or equipment are responsible for the material in their possession. Borrowed material must be returned in good condition at due date. Non-compliance with these conditions may entail imposition of fines, according to the status of the users concerned, and possible withdrawal of borrowing privileges.

      Duration (in working days):

      (1) No restriction on type of document or topic
      (2) At the end of every session (fall and winter), all documents must be returned to or renewed at the library circulation desk.
      (3) Maximum fines imposed for late returns do not exceed $10 per document; as regards IPads and portable computers, maximum fines cannot exceed $100 per equipment.
      (4) Applies to the Rouyn-Noranda campus only.  

For information
Circulation Desk Attendant
Manon Lapointe
Tel.: 819 762-0931, ext. 1234
Toll free: 1 866 234-3728, ext. 1234