Interlibrary loans (ILL)

Our interlibrary loan service allows all UQAT users as well as some CEGEP users to borrow, from other academic establishments in Quebec, Canada and abroad, documents they need for learning, teaching or research purposes, but cannot be found at our library.
Interlibrary loans should not be confused with intercampus loans (ICL); exchanges of documents between campuses and service centers are dealt with differently.

  • Eligible service users
    • This service is intended for the following users, provided that they hold a valid library card:

      • Undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students (UQAT)
      • Professors and lecturers (CEGEP and UQAT)
      • Researchers (CEGEP and UQAT)
      • CTRI employees (Centre technologique des résidus industriels)

  • Documents not covered by ILL services
    • When the library does not have a document that a user wishes to borrow, it may borrow the document in question from another library.
      However, some documents are not covered by ILL services

      • Documents owned by the library (electronic documents included)
      • Audiovisual documents (films, audio recordings and software)
      • Periodicals and newspapers
      • Rare books
      • Reference books

  • How to submit a request for ILL
      • Requests for ILL are submitted through any of the following means:
        -    Outil de découverte (ILL option)
        -    Colombo
        -    Via the Obtenir button (magazine articles only) - see Demande d’articles numériques (Request for digital copy of articles) via the Obtenir button
      • Prior to submitting a request, the user must ensure that the library does not keep a copy of the document in question in its own collection.
      • The bibliographic description provided for every request must be specified in the request form.
      • Off campus users submitting a request for ILL must enter their full delivery address in the Notes section of the request form.

  • Request for digital copies of articles via the Obtenir button
      • This procedure applies when the integral version of the article in question is not available in our databases.
      • When the library has a copy of the article in question, the request for ILL is denied automatically. (Rest assured that the library does not reject these requests; the library completes them and sends the article in question to the request originator.)
      • To submit a request via the « Obtenir » button, applicants must identify themselves, complete the form, and submit their request. 

  • Colombo
      • The Colombo system gives access to a vast array of catalogues around the world. Registration to the Columbo interlibrary loan system is compulsory. It is done on the first request for ILL via Outil de découverte. Then it is possible to access Colombo.
      • To send a request for a loan, you must log in your access code and library password.

      IMPORTANT: Add the letter A (rather than the letter T) before the 7-digit code.

  • Loan period, renewal, and delivery time
      • Documents can be borrowed for three (3) weeks from the date of receipt by the ILL service, with no possibility of renewal.
      • The documents, depending on their type, are received at the ILL service within two (2) to ten (10) days of processing the request.

  • Document pick-up
    • All the documents requested via the ILL service are received at the Rouyn-Noranda campus. Upon their receipt, a notice is emailed to the request originator, stating that the documents are ready for pick-up at the library circulation desk. Additional time is required for documents that must be redirected to another campus or center served by the library or need to be forwarded by mail.

      Off campus users (distance education students): The library sends the requested document by post, together with a prepaid return slip. The document must be returned to the Rouyn-Noranda campus within prescribed deadline.

  • Rates
    • Some lending libraries may impose interlibrary loan charges. When these charges exceed $25, the user must pay for the excess amount. In such a case, the interlibrary loan service contacts the user, who is asked to confirm that the request should be maintained or cancelled.

  • Billing for unclaimed ILL documents
    • Library users who do not pick up a document obtained by the library from another library are charged service fees of $25. Failure to pay these fees results in the privilege of borrowing documents through the ILL service being suspended until full payment of the amount due to the library.  

  • Late return of documents borrowed through the ILL service
    • A late return notice is emailed to the ILL service user as soon as the due date of return has passed. If the document is not returned to the library within five (5) working days, the service user concerned is imposed late return charges of $10 per item. Failure to pay these charges results in the privilege of borrowing documents through the ILL service being suspended until full payment of the amount due to the library.

  • Loss of document borrowed through the ILL service
    • Users concerned must pay the entirety of the replacement cost, as set by the lending library, plus $15 administrative fees charged by the library. Until the entire amount due is paid and the user’s library file is in good standing, the privilege of borrowing documents through the ILL service is suspended.

For information
Interlibrary loans Attendant
Manon Lapointe
Tel.: 1 866 234-3728, ext. 1133
Toll free: 1 866 234-3728, ext. 1133